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The Painting Party | Greeting Card


These three rabbits are known to travel from town to town painting eggs, so why not send them to a friend to spread springtime cheer?

  • Olive green envelope
  • Blank interior
  • Story printed on the back
  • Single Card ~or~ Boxed Set of 4


Story Behind the Drawing
Each Spring as the tulips begin to bloom, The Painting Party arrives in the town of Talulah. The Party consists of three traveling rabbits who arrive every year to paint eggs for the celebration of Easter and the Spring Equinox. They work day in and day out painting dozens—some say hundreds—of eggs. When the last dollop of paint has been used, they pack their supplies in cotton sacks and leave just as quickly and quietly as they arrived. The residents of Talulah have wondered for centuries where the rabbits live, and who they really are, but it seems that some of the world’s most joyous and happy events are better left unknown, in the realm of mystery and wonder.