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The Lotus Prince | Wood Bookmark


The Lotus Prince Wood Bookmark features a kingly frog atop a lotus flower pod. Each bookmark is made from 100% REAL Poplar Wood, and is thin enough to fit easily between the pages of any book.

Because this bookmark is real wood, each bookmark is unique and has its own character. (Also, please know that the bookmark may be affected by changes in humidity…aka, it may not always lay completely flat if not in use).


  • 2x6 inches
  • Rounded Corners
  • Real Poplar Wood
  • .025 mm thick


Story Behind the Drawing

When frogs are young, one of the first stories they are told is that of the Lotus Prince. The Lotus Prince was a frog who, having ventured many miles from his home one day, discovered a flower he had never seen before. He was mesmerized by its beauty, but became disappointed when its petals closed up and submerged themselves underwater. The next morning, he found his sorrows melt away as the flower reemerged from the dark depths and opened again. He found a lotus seed pod, brought it back to his own pond, and planted it in the mud. From that day forward, the Lotus Prince sat upon the seed pod day in and day out, tending to his new lotus garden. Thus, for many frogs, the lotus became a reminder that every day is a new opportunity, as beautiful things can stem from even the murkiest of waters.