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The Awakening | Wood Bookmark


The Awakening Wood Bookmark features a bear waking up from a long winter's nap. Each bookmark is made from 100% REAL Poplar Wood, and is thin enough to fit easily between the pages of any book.

Because this bookmark is real wood, each bookmark is unique and has its own character. (Also, please know that the bookmark may be affected by changes in humidity…aka, it may not always lay completely flat if not in use).


  • 2x6 inches
  • Rounded Corners
  • Real Poplar Wood
  • .025 mm thick
Story Behind the Drawing

How do animals know when to awake from hibernation, you ask? Long ago, when the Rocky Mountains were still being formed, a black bear created a special clock and hid it in deep within the cascading slopes. In doing so, he created a subconscious pulse throughout all of nature — a ticking of time that can only be felt by those who choose to hear it. This pulse signals to hibernating animals when it is time to awaken from their deep slumber — a day which has aptly been named “Awakening Day.” On this day, animals dress in their most festive garments, and trumpet flowers join in a beautiful chorus, all to celebrate the coming spring.