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The Apothecary Crows | Paper Placemats

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What better way to celebrate Autumn than with three crows making bubbling brews?

These paper placemat pads come with 25 tear-off sheets, making party set-up a breeze.

  • 12x18 inches
  • 25 sheets per pad

Story Behind the Drawing

Deep within the Black Forest of Germany live Die Schwestern, three crow witches who are known for their bubbling brews and concoctions. While their existence was first recorded in 1031 AD by Hugo Hase, the most famous mystic writer of the time, many believe they arrived in the area centuries before that. Die Schwestern are known to wander the evergreen forest, searching for creatures in need of their unusual services. When the time comes to brew a potion, the crows swish their tails in unison and their apothecary cabinet springs up around them, containing any and all ingredients they might need. Occasionally, they have been known to throw spontaneous full-moon parties, spoiling their guests with delightful beverages and treats.