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Portrait of Henrietta, the Horticulturist


Prints are created using 100% archival quality ink on textured cotton paper. Each print is hand-signed on the back and includes a copy of the drawing's story.  

This drawing was originally created in pen and ink.

Please note that this print is 6x12 inches. You may need to order a frame, as this is not a standard size. (My recommendation: the online shop, The Cheeky Sheep, has wonderful wood frames in odd sizes).


Story Behind the Drawing

Being a goat, it was fitting that Henrietta loved all kinds of leafy plants as a kid, from pine needles and persimmon leaves to red cabbages and lettuce. However, unlike many goats, Henrietta was particularly fascinated by the unique qualities of the plants she encountered, for every leaf contained a different flavor and crunch waiting to be discovered and devoured. Thus Henrietta, having spent many mornings explaining to the other goats which leaves would taste best on what days, became a horticulturist — one of the most famous goat gardeners living today. She is best known for her watering can, which she carries on her head for easy crop maintenance.