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Lady Barnaby | Card

Lady Barnaby: Founder of Marmot Seed Company and Proprietor of Excellent Hat Fashion.

  • Olive green envelope
  • Blank interior
  • Story printed on the back
  • Single Card ~or~ Boxed Set of 4

Story Behind the Drawing
Lady Beatrice Alice Willoughby Barnaby always adored flowers. By the age of two, she was a skilled gardener, helping her mother to till soil, dig holes, and sow seeds in their family garden. By the age of four, she had learned the history and taxonomy of more than 500 flowers. And, by the age of six, Beatrice was creating new varieties of her favorite flowers, from bluish-periwinkle zinnias to pink sunflowers.

Flowers spoke a secret language that only Beatrice could understand. As a result, she discovered many (magical) properties of flowers that were previously unknown to science. In 1895, she founded Marmot Seed Company to spread her love of flowers throughout the world. Every seed packet comes with information about the plant’s special uses based on the extensive notes Beatrice made in her field journals.