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Gertrude's Tinsels and Trimmings | Card

All wrapped up for the holidays.

  • Olive green envelope
  • Blank interior
  • Story printed on the back
  • Single Card ~or~ Boxed Set of 4

Story Behind the Drawing
When she was a young deer, Gertrude loved ribbons and baubles. Today, she still loves ribbons and baubles, but her love has expanded to include tinsels and trimmings as well. As a result, her gift wrapping skills are excellent, and never was there a present that didn’t look exquisite after she got her hoofs on it. Should you need something wrapped, you can easily find her walking about the forest, for her antlers are always adorned with ribbons and bows. Whether she does this on purpose or by accident is unclear, but she wears it with impeccable style.