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Flower Delivery | Card

Send a flower via bee delivery service. This card is perfect for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and everyday thinking-of-you notes.

  • Olive green envelope
  • Blank interior
  • Story printed on the back
  • Single Card ~or~ Boxed Set of 4

Story Behind the Drawing

For those looking to send flowers in Tuscany, there is no better florist than Flora’s Flying Flower and Telegram Delivery Service. Flora, who has been cultivating flowers for many years, created her business as a way for residents to send special messages to their loved ones. It is wise to place orders in advance, as she only makes one delivery per day—two if the deliveries are within three windows of each other. After all, flying from one end of a city to another is quite the journey for one little bee! Flora’s favorite flower to deliver? Zinnias, as their petals hold up well to the wind during her lights.