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Duskdreams | 2024 Calendar


Introducing the Duskdreams 2024 Keepsake Calendar.

Keepsake calendars are a beautiful way to make your upcoming year magical. Each calendar is printed on cotton rag paper using archival inks, which means once you are finished using it, your calendar will serve as an heirloom for generations to come.

Perfect for framing, hanging on a bulletin board or fridge, laminating, or any other whimsical display you choose.

*11x14 inches
*Natural Cotton Paper
*Archival Ink

The Story

You are probably familiar with daydreams, those happy visions of wistful imagination that have existed for billions of years. But have you heard of duskdreams—secret, ancient dreams that belong to owls and other creatures of the night?

Every evening as twilight rushes in and the last red glimmer of sun fades away, there is a short period of time when the earth becomes silent. The cicada holds its breath, the frog forgets how to sing, and the creek runs dry. Duskdreaming occurs during this pivotal time, as the Moon climbs higher into the sky and paints the landscape indigo blue. Owls become privy to universes hidden in trees, skunks hear symphonies beneath the ground, and bats remember lessons they learned in previous lives.

And then the dreams leave, just as quickly as they came. Moonlight awakens our nocturnal friends, who go about their nighttime routines, unaware of their new insights. But, there is always a feeling—a feeling that something profound and magical happened just before the shadowy dawn. Let this 2024 calendar be a reminder that stillness inspires creativity, quietude is full of abundance, and magic often occurs when we least expect it.