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Dormouse Molasses

Prints are created using 100% archival quality ink on textured cotton paper. Each print is hand-signed on the back and includes a copy of the drawing's story. Print is 8x10 inches.

This drawing was originally created in pen and ink.


Story Behind the Drawing

The creation of Dormouse Molasses can be traced to 18th Century England, when many dormice took residence inside of grand palaces and countryside homes. During this period, one dormouse in particular loved visiting the kitchen during the winter months, where she could watch gingerbread and other spiced biscuits being made. She soon realized the importance of molasses in many of the recipes, and, noticing that the manor’s garden contained sugar beets, set out to create her own molasses. Today, Dormouse Molasses continues to be produced inside these stately homes. If you venture to England and spot a tiny, lavender door set within a baseboard, you can be sure that dormice are busy cooking sugar beets into molasses just behind the wall.