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The Flowering Hare | Garland


Add whimsical flair to your Easter celebration with this festive paper garland! Garlands are perfect for parties, celebrations, or simply used for everyday decoration. (I recommend the mantle or above a doorway!)

Please know that each garland is 100% handmade by me, and so there may be slight variations between garlands.


  • Approximately 5 feet long
  • Olive satin ribbon
  • Printed on 110 lb. cardstock
  • Loops at both ends for easy hanging
  • 6 rabbits on each garland


Story Behind the Drawing

The Flowering Hare wears an elegant cloak and has leaves growing out of his ears! (Yes, his ears!) He usually uses his top hat as a vase for keeping flowers in his home, but today he decided to put it on to attend a Spring celebration.