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Penelope Peahen Postcards


Once upon a summer's day, a peahen visited my home. I fed her blueberries. And so was the beginning of the Postcard Club.

Journey to new places on fantastical adventures with Penelope Peahen.

The original Postcard Club ran from July 2022 to May 2024. While we're taking a break from our monthly postcard subscription, you can find all 23 of her past adventures here!

All postcards feature a drawing, story, and sticker. 

SHIPPING: Postcards are mailed in a bright blue envelope with the official postcard club seal on the back. Please note that individual postcards will ship separately from other items in your orderIf you purchase the 23-card collection, postcards will be shipped together in a mailer. 


About Penelope

In the summer of 2022, a real-life peahen visited my home in Georgia, where she happily roamed all day scavenging for food. In the afternoon, I took her a bowl of blueberries. She ate them in front of me and enjoyed them so much that she asked for seconds.

Where Penelope came from remains a mystery, but it was a magical experience that I will never forget. And luckily, after speaking to Penelope for a few minutes that day (it was difficult at first to decipher her wing flaps and squawks), we decided to create a postcard club together to recount her travels to any who might be interested.

Every day, Penelope embarks on a new adventure to locations across the world. She relays her travels to me, and in turn, I write down and illustrate her many adventures. Her whimsical, fanciful tales serve as glances into the possibilities and serendipities that are available to each of us every single day.