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Land of Poppies | 2023 Calendar

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This 2023 Keepsake Calendar is perfect for framing, or simply hanging on the refrigerator. Each calendar is printed on cotton paper using archival inks, which means it will be an heirloom for years to come!

*11x14 inches
*Natural Cotton Paper
*Archival Ink Quality


Story Behind the Drawing

The Land of Poppies is a magnificent wonder, where bright orange flowers grow fifteen feet tall and provide nature with plenty of shade, beauty, and nourishment. Many do not know, however, that this land was created by a single red fox who longed for adventure. One day prior to leaving his home, he found a single poppy seed on the ground. He took it back to his burrow, and that night, he dreamed the most wonderful dream about a place where flowers stand as tall as trees. When he awoke, he realized something that he had never considered before: he could plant his own adventure. From that day forward, he plowed the fields and sowed many seeds, until the garden in front of him aligned with the garden of his dreams. The fox remains the garden’s caretaker to this day, and though many do not see him, it is common to hear a soft melodic humming emanating from the stalks and leaves. I hope this 2023 Calendar will remind you to plant seeds, to cultivate the ground where you stand, and that great often starts from within.