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Black Cat Manor | Paper Pop-Up Decoration


The best way to make your house eerily spooky for Halloween? The Black Cat Manor Paper Pop-Up! This paper decoration is completely three-dimensional and easy to put together in 5 minutes of less. Make the house glow at night by placing a battery-operated tea light inside! I used this house as the centerpiece on our dining table, but it's perfect to use in any room of your house or as a party centerpiece.

The story of this Halloween house goes along with my drawing, Toil and Trouble, which you can find here.


  • Approximately 7W x 7L x 10H inches
  • Heavy ardstock
  • Easy to set up
  • Instant party decoration
  • Reuse year after year!


Story Behind the Drawing

Black Cat Manor has been vacant for as long as anyone can remember. Or so everyone thought. Apparently, the witch's cat, Mistress Meow, has been practicing sorcery in the house since her late owner's passing. The whiskered-witch spends most of her time in the cellar laboratory, concocting potions. Beware of venturing into the house, for the cat carries a Skeleton Key on her hat, which can lock any of the three entrance doors instantly! If you do choose to disregard my warning, you may notice deadly nightshade growing in the Conservatory, and a ghost or two floating about the old Broom Closet.