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Otter's Ice Cream Parlor


Prints are created using 100% archival quality ink on textured cotton paper. Each print is hand-signed on the back and includes a copy of the drawing's story.  

This drawing was originally created in pen and ink.

Please note that this print is 6x12 inches. You may need to order a frame, as this is not a standard size. (My recommendation: the online shop, The Cheeky Sheep, has wonderful wood frames in odd sizes).


Story Behind the Drawing

For an underwater treat off the coast of Jamaica, look no further than Otter’s Ice Cream Parlor. Oswald, a river otter with a love for clear blue ocean waters, established his shop in the nook of a reef — an excellent location for catering to sea life of all kinds. The parlor is known for its triple-decker cones and handcrafted ice cream flavors, such as Strawberry Seaweed and Rocky Rip Tide. During the summer season when the ocean currents bring in more customers, Oswald recruits a school of fish to help keep the parlor in tip top shape.