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2023: The Year of the New Studio

2023: The Year of the New Studio

Hello, and welcome to 2023!

Aka, the year of the new studio…in more ways than one.

The first way? If you glanced at the top of the website, you might have noticed a subtle change to my logo. Mackenzie Myrick is now Mackenzie Myrick Studio. Yes, a small change, but exciting nonetheless! Why the change? As I head into the 3rd year of my business, I am focused on bringing even more value to you: in my art itself, but also in my product offerings and presentation. And the Studio will help me do just that.

The second way? The art studio got a makeover, complete with new, heavy duty shelving. It truly feels like a new space. Over the past two years, our studio had become quite cluttered by all my stuff. This is partly because the room wasn’t intended to be used for a business when it was designed. It was meant to be used for art, storing books and other items, relaxing, etc. Well…clearly I had other plans! So, as my business started to grow, I stacked boxes, boxes, and even more boxes across the room, leaving a narrow pathway to the closet. I used my piano as storage, and packed orders on the floor. To say it was a mess is an understatement. And with high cost of industrial shelving, the studio redo had to wait.

Until finally, November came and shelves arrived. The week of Thanksgiving, we set to work putting up shelving and getting everything organized. Five full working days (plus some) and two truckloads of garbage later, and the studio became fully functional again! Scroll down to see before and after photos. The before photos were actually taken after we had already done some major heavy lifting, too! The room feels like a true workspace now. You can walk around the entire space without tripping over anything. (Amazing!) The center table adds an extra workspace for packing orders or miscellaneous tasks. My mom has her painting area back. And best of all, I have been able to make my space not only more functional, but also more joyful.

Also, speaking of new and joyful things, have I mentioned that my cards now come with olive green envelopes?? Yes, this is a change I have been very excited about. I always use green as my brand color, as it fits with my nature-themed designs. So now, all of my black and white designs come with a little pop of color! ;)

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous looking ahead into 2023. While I have learned a lot about myself and my business over the past two years, I’m still learning what direction I want to grow in and how to reach those goals. It can be scary! However, I’m looking forward to creating new art, working on new things (a book, perhaps?), and continuing to connect with you through my art and stories.

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