Tell the Bees | 2022 Calendar

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This 2022 Calendar features an overview of the year surrounded by a beehive, complete with sunflowers, honey, and bees (of course!)

This calendar is perfect for framing, or simply hanging on the refrigerator. Each calendar is printed on cotton paper using archival inks, which means it will be a keepsake for years to come!

*11x14 inches
*Natural Cotton Paper
*Archival Ink Quality


Story Behind the Drawing

The tradition of "telling the bees" has been around for centuries. When a significant event happened in a beekeeper's life (whether it was good or bad), the bees had to be told of the event, otherwise they might stop producing honey or even perish. I created this calendar to resemble a hive, with bees buzzing to and fro, as a way for you to "tell the bees" about your life as it unfolds in 2022. I hope the bees remind you that all events in our lives are important and should be shared with others...whether those people are bees, foxes, or people.