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Penelope Peahen's Postcard Club


A delightful snail mail experience based on the travels of one mysteriously magical peahen featuring original, subscriber-only artwork every month.

The Postcard Club Subscription

So you've decided to become a Peahen Pal? We're over-the-moon! As a subscriber, you receive all the monthly essentials, including:

  • Postcards from Penelope   |   Postcards are delivered once per month and include original artwork, stories, and stickers relating to her most recent travel adventure. Postcards are mailed in a bright blue envelope that you can't miss! 
  • Engraved Wood Keychain   |   All new subscribers receive an engraved wood keychain featuring the official Postcard Club stamp. One time gift - subscribers only.
  • The Very First Penelope Postcard   |   All new subscribers receive the very first postcard we ever sent out, to give you the backstory of Penelope. One time gift - subscribers only.
  • Read-Aloud Videos with Mackenzie   |   Enjoy a read-aloud with Mackenzie as she narrates the month's postcard and provides insight into the design and writing process of the story. Sent to your email. 
  • Feathered Facts with Penelope   |   Learn more about Penelope's most recent travel destination, in her own words. Sent to your email. 
  • Postcard Previews   |   Preview next month's adventure with a glimpse at the newest Penelope Peahen sketch. Sent to your email. 
  • Travel Postcard   |   Receive an additional blank postcard in the mail featuring a photograph from Penelope's trip.

First-time subscribers are charged immediately upon sign-up. The current month's postcard will be mailed to you. Read-Aloud Videos, Feathered Facts Newsletters, and Postcard Previews are sent to your email throughout the month.

Subscriptions renew on the 1st of each month. Your card will be automatically charged for your subscription.

Want to subscribe for a friend? It's easy! Simply add your friend's shipping address at checkout. If you would like to subscribe for yourself and a friend, please checkout for each subscription separately. If you have any questions, send me an email and I'll be happy to help.