CUSTOM Wedding Suites


About Custom Invitations

I'm a firm believer that stationery is one of the most special, timeless investments you can make for your wedding day. Why? Because custom invitations allow your story to be told. When I create a custom design, my goal is to make your wedding day magical and memorable. Every element of the artwork is hand-drawn and hand-picked with you in mind, and by doing so, your invitations can serve as a keepsake for many years to come.

From the illustrations to the envelope colors to wax seal designs and ribbon, your custom invitations are guaranteed to encapsulate the mood of your wedding and reflect your unique personality.


What's Included

This sounds amazing! What's included in a suite?

A Standard Suite includes:

  • A hand-drawn invitation design, tailored to you
  • Invitation + Outer Envelope, with printed guest and return addressing
  • RSVP + Envelope, with printed return addressing
  • Details Card
  • Postage for the Invitations and RSVP Cards
  • Postage for mailing samples to you, if needed
  • Assembly + Mailing of your suites, by me!

Other items that can be added on, but are not included in Standard Pricing, include Save the Dates, Thank You cards, Table Numbers, Wax Seals, Ribbon, Belly Bands, and more.


Investment much does it cost? Custom Wedding Suites start at $3200 for 100 invitations. Pricing varies depending on how many invitations you actually need (typically, one invitation per household), and if you want to add on any extras, like Save the Dates. For more complex suites with extra elements, expect to spend $5000+.


I'm interested! How can I receive more information?

To receive a customized quote, please CLICK HERE to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire lets me know your timeline, budget, style, what pieces of stationery you want to include in your wedding suite, and more.

Once I receive your answers, I will send you a customized quote. Once your custom package is squared away, we move on to the fun part of the invitations - creating them just for you!


Have more questions?

I will be happy to answer them! Please CLICK HERE to contact me.