CUSTOM Wedding Crest

About Wedding Crests

Wedding Crests are a wonderful way to commemorate your wedding day, as they can be completely customized to you and your story. Each wedding crest I create includes your initial (or initials, if you want a full monogram) surrounded by elements that are important to you or symbolize your journey, whether its state birds to represent your home states or cupcakes to represent your love of baking. Not sure where to start with your ideas? Don't worry! A simple questionnaire will help me learn more about you, your interests, and love story.

Wedding Crests make wonderful gifts, but they can also be used on wedding stationery, banners, and more when you order those items through me! Woohoo!


What's Included

This sounds amazing! What's included in a wedding crest package?

The purchase of a wedding crest includes:

  • An original hand-drawn crest, created with archival ink on cotton paper
  • Postage for mailing the drawing to you, including shipping insurance

One thing to note is that I do not give out printing files. However, your custom wedding crest can be used on invitations, banners, and more when those items are purchased through me.



Custom Wedding Crests are $1,800, which includes the cost of shipping the original drawing to you. I prefer to ship drawings unframed - it lowers shipping costs and reduces the risk of damage. For framing, I recommend working with local framers who can customize the frame for you. Each drawing is unique in terms of size, but for reference, most drawings tend to be around 11x14 inches.


I'm interested! How can I place an order?

To order a custom crest, please CLICK HERE to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire lets me know your timeline, style, illustration ideas, and more.

Once I receive your answers, I will send you a quote with shipping costs. Once your custom package is squared away, we move on to the fun part - creating your custom crest!


Have more questions?

I will be happy to answer them! Please CLICK HERE to contact me.